How Does a Wrestler Really Impress Girls?

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Does a wrestler really impress girls? What is the real psychology behind that question, and how does it differ from, say, a basketball player or football player who tries to make a good impression in order to score a touchdown. Obviously the wrestlers have a very distinct advantage when trying to attract a woman. First of all they are bigger than the girls so they naturally get the “wow” factor from the girls. Also, they have something that the girls are not having, which makes them more alluring and more feminine (which also explains why WWE wrestlers are so good at drawing in the ladies).

But does this all translate into the wrestler being able to impress the girl? Well, as I mentioned before there is a distinct psychological element here, which means that the guy is probably going to impress the girl because of some inner characteristics that he has. This could be size, height, or even a bit of body built (though most wrestlers are really petite). But what really impresses the girl is what the guy is showing off. Sometimes it’s the t-shirts or the crazy promos, but often times it’s the simple things, like how big he is or how pretty she is.

A wrestler is always going to do the little things to impress the girl. He might not be able to wow her with pure physical prowess and show off his strength and power, but there is something he is showing off that will truly impress the girl. And if you take a good look around the locker rooms at pro wrestling events, you’ll see that almost every guy there is pretty confident about himself, even if he isn’t the biggest or the strongest wrestler.

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